Opening up an older project, Cubase thinks some plugs aren't there.

I have an older project that I’m trying to work on, and for some reason Cubase doesn’t think that certain plugins are there, even though I have them installed and are using them perfectly in newer projects. I tried re-installing the plugins it can’t find, both VST2 and VST3 versions just in case…and, no dice. This seems to happen sometimes with older projects. Any idea how to get around it? The plugins in question are named exactly the same as they were in the older project.


Wasn’t it 32-bit plug-in, when you used it in the older project? Maybe now you are using 64-bit versions of the same plug-ins, but in the passed you used 32-bit.

Thanks, Martin. I think it’s because the older projects were from Windows, and for some reason some plugs don’t port over properly.

Could be that older projects were made using vst2 plugins.
There are only a few (that I know of) plugins that use the same vst_ID for both vst2 and vst3.
Cubase will pick the vst3 version over the vst2 if they have the same ID.