Opening up folder tracks

I’ve just had a massively intensive 3 day session on cubase 6 and it’s been great. The only thing which gets annoying is when there are a lot of tracks and theres a folder track near the bottom and you go to open the folder the project jumps back up to the top so you have to scroll down to see the folder you just opened. It’s no biggy but it is a tad annoying and would be nice to see this fixed :wink:

Similar to this?..

That behavior has been evident since a long time.

It would be great if Steinberg could look into this during the current product cycle.

Aloha Brains, I never noticed this prob in C5. (and C6 has just arrived)

I’ll check again tonight.


That’s it.

I never experienced this in any version of 4 or 5, it’s new to 6 for me.

It is new… the Preference option mentioned in that other topic was partially broken until now. (so, in other words, it was only working “nicely” for most people by accident! :wink: )

Basically the track list follows the order of creation ahead of the order determined by the user so often deleting tracks (while copying parts) to new tracks can fix the hierarchy.

How I used to work around it was to export a project as an XML archive and import into a new project, which would remove all folders, VST rack and so on.