Opening Wavelab v7 & v8 montages in WL6

Hi PG,

I’d like to be able to open v7 and v8 montages in Wavelab 6 as I work in a broadcast environment dealing with a large number of users and freelancers working with a variety of versions of Wavelab. The XML format introduced in v7 could not be opened in v6, as detailed here due to a change in the direction of the “” character to accommodate the Mac version, if I understand it correctly. Is it possible to have a “save montage as v6 XML” montage save option?

As always, thank you.

WaveLab 7 will be able to open WaveLab 8 montages, but any new setting that belongs to version 8 only, will be lost in the process.
Concerning the XML format, the situation has not changed.