Operating Cubase 7 via Oracle Virtualizer on iMac

Dear all,

Has someone expierence with one of the virtualizers (e.g. Oracle) on an iMac.

I tried to install Windows 7 via bootcamp 5.0. on my iMac, however that works only with an Windows 64 bit version, but I have only a license for the 32 bit version. That´s why I am thinking to install a virtualizer e.g. from Oracle to create a partion on the iMac and afterwards to install windows 7 32 bit and then Cubase 7 and 5 and afterwards MR 816, Halion Sonic, Padshop as well as older vsti instruments like Hypersonic for having all my old stuff inthe Windows world on the same computer?

Anyone expercience with that?

Thanks for your reply,

Best regards