Operating my controller to switch between instruments

I am trying to set my midi controller to play two different instants of Nexus 2.
I tried doing that by assigning different midi tracks to the pads, but no matter what I midi track I assign to the pad, Nexus plays it all (Vs Kontakt for example,which responds only to the midi you assign)

Can this be done in a different way? I also thought about assigning a key to switch between the 2 channels, not sure how to do that though

I am open to suggestions, thank you

You can use input transformer to filter out the unwanted midi channels.

I believe I tried that, maybe I’m doing something wrong?
Does it matter if it’s a USB or midi connection?

OK…re-reading I think you’re trying to do this while transmitting a single midi channel??

You need to send on different midi channels if you want to play different instruments from a single controller.

A possible alternative is to use input transformer to filter out all notes except the ones assigned to the pads for that instrument.