Operating on new drive and now can't record. Solution?

Hello fellow Cubasers,
2 days ago my hard drive died. Luckily everything was backed up the night before. I got a new Samsung SSD drive and migrated everything from the backup drive into it. My OS and other application all run smoothly and much faster than with my old original drive. As for Cubase…:

  1. On existing projects I cannot record audio. When clicking on any audio track I get “could not create record file” message. I cannot even activate the record button on the track.

  2. When opening a brand new session I’m able to record audio but cannot see the waveforms - “image construction problem” appears on both the audio segment and in the pool.

What to do…? Any help/direction would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Cubase 7.5.2 on Mac Pro OS 10.7.5 with 16 GB RAM

BTW, my AUDIO drive is a separate internal SATA drive, so the audio is being recorded on it. The new local SSD drive just holds the application and library files. When recording audio on the local SSD drive I’m not experiencing the same problems as on the AUDIO drive, which I’ve used successfully for years with my old local drive.

hi, just a guess… maybe open the infowindow (select the harddrive then click apple and I) on your SATA drive and look if its write protected/locked, if so, change it to read write. Propably not the issue but takes one sec to check

That indeed was the solution, which I tried previously with no luck, but did again with a small change shortly after posting this thread – unlock and choose “apply to enclosed items” in the bottom dropdown options menu. For some reason, even when I selected read/write for the whole drive in the past, there were still some folders in it that remained read only. Something got messed up in the recovery process I guess. All good now. Thanks for the reply hjwinge!