Operation manual in Ebook version

Hi everyone,
A simple request, would it be possible to add an Ebook version of the cubase manuals?
Indeed it is difficult to convert a pdf version to a digital reader.
It would be cool because for the moment we can’t enlarge the fonts of the manuals (in a kindle or kobo digital reader) which is difficult to read for eyes like mine. :blush:
Thank you very much for your work.
Musically :musical_score:

You can use the web version instead

In fact the idea is to read the manual quietly in the evening before going to sleep, or on the train, or in the plane. Without having to take out a computer.
In short it’s only a suggestion but it would be very practical, because I imagine that many people prefer to read on a non backlit support.

Have you indeed tried converting? What was the result?
search: convert pdf to ebook epub

The result is not bad but you can’t change the font size, which is not practical at all.

It’s a nice idea, but I’m sure it’s outside of the scope of the Steinberg editors.

Is it possible there’s a difference between various converters? (and readers?)

yes I understand, it was just in case it wouldn’t be too much work for the developer…
here is a picture to understand

I’ll pick this up tomorrow. :wink:
good night and thank’s for the help.

'n’ya pas de quoi!