Operation Manual typo? "Remote Latency"

Page 21 of the VST Connect 4 Operation Manual says:

If either of these meters show too small a value or drain entirely, dropouts in audio are to be expected. In this case you are advised to increase the “Remote Latency” setting and/or audio and video upstream settings as described in the CONFIGURATION section.

There’s no “Remote Latency” setting - only “Chat Latency” and “Remote Delay.” Confusing.

Of course, I can experiment with changing both. But that means more time troubleshooting, less time working.


Also, this is absurdly un-clear:

The two bar graphs show how well the two partners are synchronized during playback and recording. You can see how much audio data is available per half second on either end.

“Available” seems to me to mean “incoming”, in which case the top bar would show the amount of incoming data on the Engineer’s computer (which is what I assume “Connect” means), and the bottom on the Performer’s computer (which is what I assume “Perf” means).

Yesterday Steinberg USA phone support said that these meters in fact show the amount of OUTGOING data from each.

Developers, please clarify this. Otherwise, it’s impossible to troubleshoot efficiently.

By the way, the label “Connect” is a poor choice, since that word is used in the names of both the plugin and the client app.

Something like “engineer” and “artist” would be clearer.

Delay and Latency are used interchangably here, so “Remote Delay” and “Remote Latency” refer to the same target.
“Chat Latency” is only relevant when chatting, means transport is not started (running), otherwise Remote Delay defines how much time you give the system for rountrip sending cuemix and receiving performance.
“Available” seems to me to mean “incoming” - exactly so, data needs to be buffered when arriving, i.e. “available”. There is no need to buffer outgoing data (well, except internally, but that is nothing for you to worry about).
Reg. bargraphs - “Connect” is used here because the plugin is called “VST Connect”, while “Performer” refers to said application “VST Connect Performer”.