Operation Manual


Is it possible to get a Cubase Operating Manual (Electronic Format & Or .pdf format) that I can ’ Copy then Paste ’ keep extracts etc. as the only Manual I have appears to have those attributes DISabled?


For what Cubase version?

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I am on another of my computers now, but I am using (as far as I am aware) Cubase 6.5 Windows 10, OS.


Op manuals back to CB 6 should be available here in the download software section.



FYI… The CB 6 manual + the new features in CB 6.5 manual = the op manual for CB 6.5.


Search as I did, no Operating Manual?

Thanks for trying to help me though!

Below I provide the links to the manuals that are found after you choose the link I provided above…

Links to the operation manuals are on these pages (near the bottom). They will be downloaded as zip/.pdf files.

Again… the Cubase 6.5 operation manual is a combination of the “Cubase 6 operation manual” and the “New features in Cubase 6.5” manual.

In this link scroll to near the bottom to where it says Cubase 6 Documentation

In this link scroll to near the bottom to where it says New features in Cubase 6.5.

Download them both and you will have the Operation manual for Cubase 6.5.

Good luck.

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Hello again Prock,

You have been most helpful!

I checked my Cubase Version and it is 6.0.7 NOT 6.5?

I don’t recall but is 6.5 a $Paid Update?

Again my thanks

I’m sure it was back in the day. But if you are interested to upgrade your 6 to 6.5 you will not find it on the Steinberg website. They only sell the latest versions.

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I actually did manage to locate & download Cubase 6.5.5 Update for Windows, -


but when I ran the .exe file nothing happened to change the current Cubase I have?


Yes the download is available but it will only work if you have an existing 6.5 licence. So you need to already have the 6.5 licence. That is what is not available for purchase from Steinberg.

If for some reason you really want 6.5, I’m sure you can find a used one for sale on the internet. Just be careful that the seller has properly followed the requirements of the Steinberg Resale Wizard before you purchase it. Buyer beware please.


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Much clearer thanks for that!

So far Cubase 6.0.7 (the one I have) does all I need!

For vastly superior Notation I use another product, but Cubase is great for my VST Audio recordings!

I looked at their latest version, which frankly doesn’t provide anything I need extra!

My sincere thanks for your help!