Opinion after 7 days with Cubase 7...

:unamused: Maybe your the weirdo and obviously have no sense of humour or maybe just a dislike for film quotes. Maybe your just ignorant and don’t understand that “we” is generally understood to be more than one person, who in this instance, happen to write together on the same system at the same time. Who those people are is certainly none of your business.

This is a technical forum where debate on issues that people encounter using the products purveyed by the forum proprietors. If your unable to engage in valuable discussions on issues that are posted (and hopefully resolved to the benefit of many other people who may be encountering the same issues on their system) I would suggest you go and dancealot in a forum where flaming other people is more acceptable.

Back to C7 discussion yeah?

Based on your findings, as someone who does a lot of mixing with Cubase (and was quite excited about the new mixer), would your view be that I should wait to upgrade? Is it usable as it is or a setback and session time-killer until things get fixed in the hopefully near future?

Cubase quite frankly, is a wonder of modern design.

It is not simply an update, but rather a raft of new feature additions, improvements and enhancements to work flow not countenanced by other software.

If you are a song writer, you will find the chord tools most helpful, not only to identify chords in a song (both midi and audio) but to actually assist with the song writing process itself.

The mixer is designed to be intuitive and very easy to work with, with large faders, hideable console sections, and movable modules.

Well it’s certainly very useable, it just puts forward a new way of working. Most people seem to agree it’s a very stable release which is the most important thing to build on.

There’s obviously divided opinion on the new mix console but we can be certain it’s not going to be scrapped that’s for sure, there’s a huge amount of work gone into it and from here on in it’s going to evolve and get better, the thing is to be part of that evolution by using it and putting forward suggestions on how to better it. There’s an old saying that states “give a customer what they want and they’ll buy it”, no doubt Steinberg and Yamaha are very aware of that and are very busy right now digesting all the user feedback on these forums.

Actually the channel edit window is a huge improvement and everything you need almost is in there, it’s just the mixer when fully populated with all the racks open is a graphic design disaster, though it’s very configurable and not to difficult to set up in a way that works for the individual.

Go ahead and get in there, just be sure to image your disk and do a side by side installation until your comfortable and confident with the new environment (which won’t take long) it will be interesting to see what enhancements will be released in the next update due out in a few weeks.

It is a new way of working defo. They said so in the presales bumf. And we will see more “strangeness” before it’s all fully finalised as a design. 7 days is not a long time with totally rewritten software. If I had (and I have) major misgivings I would stick to lesser versions as the main weapon of choice while I was evaluating C7 as a viable main DAW.

Fully agree, 7 days is no time at all, that’s the benefit of side by side installation, that’s why we continued with a few trial projects and limiting ourselves with just the main page and console control to begin with. Of course it makes perfect sense to keep using your previous install (6.5 here) and when you have some time, import a few projects in and play around with it until your convinced and happy to migrate fully to a new release. It’s amazing how many people just go ahead and format a disk, complete a new install and then start shouting “it’s crashed, it’s full of bugs don’t get it, I want my money back” !

Most of our C6.5 projects have imported quite easily and intact to C7 and actually found and loaded in the 32bit vsti’s. We’ve reached a compromise with the new Mix Console - Don’t use it! LOL or just what’s needed, in our case, 16 ins/24 outs so routing is called along with just inserts and sends visible along with note pad on a full screen monitor 2.

There’s no need for all the rest of the rack and EQ etc as there is a substantial arsenal of inserts/FX to load in to them. As much as Steinberg would want users to use everything within cubase out of the box but no one is who has been a long time user going to forsake all their favourite sounding plugins to use the standard Steinberg fx and signal processors boxed into the mix console.

One irritation though is the skins on the “bought forward” stock plugins, horrible grey blocks which is not inviting whilst they introduce new processors and synths with such sleek, elegant looking skins. lets hope that’s addressed soon in order to new users or migrates some consistency in that this release is all new rather than bit’s and pieces bolted into a new look mixer, It’s bound to come about…at the end of the day it’s a bold move by Steinberg with all the competition offering ludicrous change platform/daw offers. Just hide all the meters and the platter full of MM smarties sweets thrown across the mix console and it should be fine - as well as exciting with so many new features (to go wrong)

Steinberg develop the VST standard, of which both themselves and 3rd party developers can make use of with the latter paying a royalty fee.

As far as the Steinberg bundled offerings are concerned, I personally don’t mind the Limiting Amplifier but only use it on systems without UAD or when I want to knock up a quick mix.

I´m having trouble to adjust myself to the new mixer, too. It feels like it doesn´t really belong to cubase… like it was developed completely disconnected on its own and then the beta version of it was just shoved in somehow.

“We” = one guy in his bedroom.

Judging by his replies I begin to believe the same.


I also have that idea, that the mixer looks like thirdparty software.
I’ll wait 6 months before upgrading, also because of my projects in progress, i am afraid to change things in my setup while I am in the middle of producing stuff.

So he said f***ing ‘we’ man – get over it.

I haven’t got time to waste my life reading your sh*t, just cos you’ve had a bad day or it’s your time of the month.

Please leave the playground talk in the playground.


The day Steinberg focuses more on Cubase core functions/workflow and less on trying to compete with 3rd parties is when I will be happy. Had Steinberg released C7 with the ability to fully integrate for example Waves Ren compression directly into the rack mixer GUI, then I would be smiling.

But what they have done, as usual, make C7 appeal toward the new user since that is where the money is at.

I wish very much Steinberg would release a version for experienced users who own superb 3rd party VST’s and focus their energies more on core functions, and workflow/less mouse clicking. Instead their focus is on new features like chord tracks, an impressive mixer rack…until you realize the drawbacks, or improve Loop Mash, Groove Agent, or Vari-Audio. There are nothing wrong with these, but with the exception of chord tracks, 3rd parties usually have better quality and features.

It’s past time for Steinberg to focus on the things in Cubase 3rd parties can’t achieve.

You can remove the non 3rd-party VST’s without affecting core operations of Cubase.

I also wait for cubase 7 to “mature”. It is the first time I dont feel lika upgrade. I am satisfied with 6.5.4. My MR816x works really good. All drivers good even Liquid mix 16. Maybe I have matured… Dont know. I just dont “feel” the new mixer.

Looks wise it is great but needs refinement, in particular labeling above faders should not disappear under any circumstances and there should be some kind of label to indicate track type besides color.

Waiting here myself, although I do “feel” great things ahead, I do think a level of maturity needs to evolve from the advancements shown so far.

Of course you can. That is not my point at all.

Is it the point of supposed wasted development time on toys in deference to professional applications?

If so, it’s a moot point as all extras are likely built by 3rd parties under contract.