Opinions - harmonics notation?

This is not specifically a Dorico question, but I wanted to get a sense of what people think is best practice for engraving natural string harmonics (the type that show where you touch the string rather than sounding pitch). First off, I should say I am a string player. The traditional notation has always been an open diamond notehead, which presents a problem because quarter notes and half notes are indistinguishable apart from context. My inclination is that the most elegant solution is simply to use both black and white diamond noteheads to clear up that confusion. For the black ones, though, I worry that upon first glance, the reader may not notice that they are diamonds, particularly if their vision is less than perfect and they are not expecting it.

Perhaps a way to do it is to use the black diamonds only for quarter notes (since 8th notes and smaller are unambiguous anyway), and put a little white diamond mark above the note to make sure? I’m open to any thoughts on this.

Interesting topic! It’s not something I’m knowledgeable about, but I’m curious about it. I think your option is fine, although depending on typography and for the sake of coherence I would rather use black noteheads also for 8th notes. Isn’t it how it’s written for guitar harmonics? (another unknown topic to me).

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