Opinions on jBridge and 9.0.3. Yes or No.

I’m reading conflicting reports online. I have some older 32 bit audio mangling plugs that I’d like to use in Cubase instead of other programs, and having to bring it back into Cubase.

Is jBridge a good option, or will it lead to instability with Cubase?

I use it sparingly in Cubase without issues.

But I should add that there are very few 32 bit VST’s that I use where I haven’t found a reasonably priced replacement. 99% of the time I’m at 64 bit.

The developer of jBridge is responsive and can give IMO good support if you can’t get your issue resolved by reading all the information posted at his website. Once in a while a particular plug takes some modifications in jBridge, and there are quite a few options to try when things are not working right. For myself, these were rare occasions but he was very helpful in making them work.

Thank you for the information. If I could find a replacement for Izotope’s Spectron and the other weird glitchy old school plugs, I’d buy them in a heartbeat.

Going to give this a shot.