Opinions on Loudness Settings - AI & Faders Up in Cubase?

Hey All, please share your opinions on how you use Cubase - Am I wrong or right to not embrace these new AI plugins that want me to put my faders at 0db and let then control the loudness settings? And just leave Cubase faders at 0dB? iZotope Tonal Balance Control Bundle, while it is REALLY cool and powerful and just got Klangfreund Multimeter both want to adjust loudness with plugin faders and then just touch up in Cubase. They don’t instruct regarding other such plugins that do the same thing but it seems obvious not to use them at the same time, and of course there would be no need. I actually got the Klangfreund Multimeter for the meter and not the “faders up” function and I find myself using the Klangfreund Multimeter function manually and then entering the offset setting into the Cubase faders and I do like the metering a lot. It’s especially usefully informative as I am inexperienced, and find it all very instructive and I wonder how I will gain stage with experience. I am an old analog guitar tube amp type and have been VERY resistive to turning the signals down and in fact just wasn’t turning then down till I got these meters. and, don’t get me wrong I really like these products not criticizing they are very powerful and useful to me.

OK enough from me – Will you please share what you set your Cubase loudness’ at? And do you, in the channels, or in the master buss and what about AI in Cubase? Hope you have some insight/opinions you can share!


If a formal training program is not something can or want to do, or you prefer to self-teach, I’d suggest spending time taking in lectures by some top mixing engineers.

Andrew Scheps Masterclass

Thanks - checking it out

There are some excellent, experienced engineers around the forums and there are many excellent posts on this topic. Try using a google site search on the forums and see posts on topics related to loudness, mix exporting, mastering vs. mixing and so on. It’s something I’ve been slowly improving at and it takes time. I don’t think there’s any automatic way to produce a good mix or master. And, even if a robot could do it – and it may get there – I don’t think anything will replace the human touch any time soon.

Good luck with your work.

Oh I have been looking at lots of posted info, all sorts that I can find - thanx. I don’t think the AI is even near yet, but it does give some options to get some alternative ideas, especially good for the inexperienced or new users of the software - its almost like a demo of how one can set things. So far it can get make some pretty good settings, but sometimes the AI needs a lot of help its self.

I think that’s the best bet based on my own experience and what I see the top engineers talking about in videos and articles.