Opinions wanted in relation to buying new monitor(s)

Hi there,

I am in need of a monitor setup for my audio production setup. Now I am having trouble to decide what to do.

So here is my dilemma:

  • 2 x 24" monitors (1920 x 1080) or
  • 1 x 29" ultrawide monitor

What would be best for Cubase Pro 8=

Any suggestions on make-model is appreciated also.

Thank you in advance.

if the 29 inch was 4K then this would be my choice, just because of more real estate. But most wide screens are 2560x1080/1440, so in this case the 2x24 win.

Quite happy here with a pair of AOC 2369M at 1920x1080, and very good value.

I would personally not go with ultrawide, just because it gives you less ‘useful’ screen area.
2 HD monitors allow a full screen mixconsole and a fullscreen project window, if you had to combine these 2 on 1 ultrawide monitor they’d be smaller.

Being a computer tech, I tend to look at resolution, contrast, how rich is the color, etc. I would pick the setup that would be most pleasing. The argument of two monitors being more actual real estate is worth considering, but you’ll find you can work faster on single wide screen. So what is more important to you?


Thank you for all the replies. I appreciate it very much. I do think I will go for 2 x 24" monitors.

Thanx again.

A second monitor is also currently the only practical solution to the problem of not being able to have the mixer always on top.

I’m considering a LG 4K television, at the moment they go for approximately around 450 euros in the Netherlands.
I’m not sure if my videocard has HDMI 1.4 (which is needed for this resolution).

LG 43UF640V for example, however I’ll need a new desk then :confused: as it’s a 43 inch television.

I haven’t thought of a 4K tv…Would the refresh rate be a problem?

I wonder if there are cubase users using a 4K monitor…

The thing is. When you have two monitors. You can drag anything for example to the right. Double click and your screen is filled. You wont be able to do that with a wide screen or 4k tv …Or am I wrong?

You can achieve the same thing by dragging your window against the right edge of the screen, or pressing windows key + an arrow key.
And yes, there are people using 4k tv’s for Cubase. The refresh rate isn’t really an issue, but the pixel density might be.

I live in India and Micromax are one of the most popular brands over here. I have 2x 24-inch Micromax (24b600hd) monitors but they’re pretty average and aren’t ideally suitable when using Cubase 6. I think I’m going to give one of my monitors to my brother and use the other one in my bedroom. I want to get a new setup but have been deliberating just the same. Do I go down the 4k route? Is there anyone here who can share their experiences with 4K monitors and Cubase? Are there any recommended monitors out there? I want to future proof, at least for a while so 4K seems like it would be a sensible route to take providing it enhances how I use Cubase rather than hindering usability.

Cubase running with a 30Hz monitor is not an issue, as nothing changes very fast. I am on my 55" 4K all day (sometimes literally the full 24 hours!), and don’t have issues.

However, if your system is also used for editing video, you may want to run that separately into an FHD 60Hz monitor. When recording our YouTubes, the mic grilles would show a lot of Moire fringing when recording at 25Hz, but not in 25Hz renders of 50Hz recordings.

No, but you can always use the Win-key arrow shortcuts to fill the right or left half of the screen. They saved me hours over a year when I used to have 4 x 30" 2560x1600 monitors.

Unfortunately, the absence of window chrome (border) makes windows butted up against each other visually awkward. I use a program called WinDock to place windows with gaps around them. Windows are placed by moving a window caption bar to either a section of the screen edge, a corner, or an area on the screen.

WinDock also helps with using multiple browser windows, as three side-by-side on a large 4K works better than two, and Windows does not have Win-key combos for that.

Re using two screens, there used to be a problem (and may still be) where a message box would be shown straddling the two monitors.

For OSs, which don’t autoscale content, but map controls into fixed numbers of pixels, a 48" 4K TV (like my wife’s Samsung UA48HU8500W) is probably the optimal solution.

Larger TVs, unless they are IPS or curved, will likely exhibit colour shift at higher viewing angles, as at the sides.