Opinons & advise

Hello guys & gals, Has anybody tried to tune/EQ their monitors with the master EQ in Cubase? If so, please tell me about your experiences. In theory it should work, just save the master EQ and save the setup as a template. Let me know what you think. Trying to bypass getting a 31 band EQ.
Thanks :neutral_face:

What is the “master EQ in Cubase”?

I don’t understand what you are trying to accomplish.

And if I did understand I probably wouldn’t bother wasting my time trying to explain anything to you because you don’t seem to comprehend anything you are being told and don’t have the decency to respond to any help :unamused: .


And what the Hell does bypassing getting a “31 band EQ” have to do with “tuning” or "EQ"ing your monitors?

Scab, I do appreciate your help, I am not getting notifications of replies any more, even though my prefs are set up to do so, and I figured out how to use the roland as a wa-wa pedal. I’m sorry if I wasted your time. Don’t stop helping people because of me!

Sorry. I might have been a little out of line. I’m glad you got your pedal working.

Now what exactly is the question? Cubase even has a 31 band GEQ
Stick it into your control room out - if it helps your mixes, it works, if not, it doesn´t work - that simple.
It´s nothing different from using an outboard EQ. Apart from maybe the EQ-sound characteristics itself, which can even be varied in the Cubase GEQ

But in general, you have a point there…

I’ll try that, thanks guys. :sunglasses: