Optical Music Recognition in Dorico?

Is there any Optical Music Recognition Modul in Dorico?
My work is very efficient in Neuratron PhotoScore 8, which is a little bit better than Smartscore X2 Pro or much better than Capella Scan.
Optical Music Recognition is very fast music input, if someone has printed the music.


Using PhotoScore you can save as a MusicXML file and then import that into Dorico. I haven’t tried it yet, so I can’t answer as to the accuracy of the transfer, but at least it’s a starting point.

Isn’t it possible to save MusicXML in Neuratron PhotoScore?

It also gets a number of folks pretty upset about potential copyright violation. Look at Finale’s recent decision not to include OCR:

You can save as Music xml in Neuratron, and import in Dorico . It works fine, but the true problem is after…

Which problem you mean after import an .xml File from Neuratron PhotoScore 8 ?
The recognition works fine. Ok - perhaps 3-5 mistakes per page. Mostly less. If there are more mistakes, there is an other problem. Older PhotoScore Versions where not so good. Last Upgrade to PhotoScore Version 8 gave much improvement. Test it if you did’nt do.

I hope the .xml File Export is realy compatible between PhotoScore and Dorico.

My first question where “Is there any Optical Music Recognition Modul in Dorico?”
I hope to find a better Optical Music Recognition directly in Dorico, but I’m worry that it is’nt.


To be clear: there is no optical music recognition functionality in Dorico.

Too bad that would be a useful function.

When did you tried out at last optical music recognition?
Often I have zero mistake on a side!
What do you want more?