Optimal Drive Configuration for Cubase

I’m about to purchase a new PC specifically for Cubase and wanted to know about SDD vs HDD configs.
If I get a PC with an SSD as the install drive with O/S, Cubase etc…is it best to get another SSD or HDD for a data / project drive? I’m confused as to what the best config should be.
Thank you,

Several years ago using HDD in conjunction with Cubase made sense because of pricing. But lately the cost has dropped to the point of using SSD for almost everything. Currently the only HDD on my system is for bulk storage - downloads, archived Projects, etc.

While specific circumstances might change this, in general using SSD gives you the biggest benefit for these uses in this order. If you can dedicate an SSD to each you’ll have a happy DAW.

  1. System Disk
  2. Sample Libraries
  3. Cubase Projects

Regarding Sample Libraries it is a good idea to get an SSD larger than you think you will ever need, because sooner than you think you will need that space.

Thank you so much for your (speedy) reply, seems to make sense to me…much appreciated.
I will follow your suggestions and order with 3 SDD’s.