Optimise staves for keyboard instruments

I am working on the layout of a double harp concerto and I want to be able to hide a single, unused stave, on a page for the harps (and keyboard).

E.g. here, I want to just hide the bottom stave of the harp on this page, and this page only.

Is there an easy way to do this? It seems a bit like I have to make a new flow for each page and then change the layout page by page but that seems extremely intensive and if I go back and make changes it could become an absolute catastrophe!

Thanks for any help…

You can either do so using the setting in Layout Options to hide one staff of a keyboard instrument,

or use a System Break and change the Staff Visibility. There are switches “a and b” for each pair of staves.

Making new flows is entirely unnecessary.

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I would suggest using a manual staff visibility change, i.e. the second of Ben’s two options:

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I’m interested in how you came to this conclusion, in case there’s anything we (I) can do to make the available options (per-layout visibility of empty staves and the manual staff visibility option) more easily accessible/findable.