Optimise Windows 8 for Cubase 7

Hi There
I’am new here on the forum
I’ve just installed the Windows 8 with Cubase 7
I feel that this cubase is slower than previous one
The vst performer idicates that suports less isntruments and effects
Maybe is the settings I have
so my question is:
What can I do to optimise my windows 8 for cubase 7 and my audio card Steinberg CI 2+
what is the best configurations on cubase (buffers etc)

my hardware is: AMD Phenom II 550 3.1, 16G DDR3, disk 128G SSD, 2T HDD 7200


I just upgraded from Cubase 5 and Vista to Cubase 7 and WIN8 Pro, using a Dell PC, 4ghz ram, 2.66ghz dual core processor. WIN8 alone runs great, but it appears that the combo is too much for my avg. PC, so I am shopping for a new one with some serious horsepower. My old setup ran perfectly, but using WIN8, Cubase 7 sputters on playback and freezes/crashes when I add any effects. I closed down all active apps in WIN8 to reduce demand, changed settings, etc., but no luck. I’ve used Cubase successfully for many years and look forward to getting my studio running again.

I believe I’ve to go back to windows 7… I’ve also my audio card CI 2+ and the latency is much bigger and craches

It seems that cubase 7 don’t work well in windows 8
Steinberg should inform the people not upgrade the system or buy Pcs with windows 8 to work with Cubase. :cry:

Hi, I seem to be having the same problems as your post only I am using win7 pro , with a quad core system and 8 gigs of ram , as an interface I am using a Zoom r16 but have had no luck in either 32bit or 64 bit , with cubase 6 and this setup , I have a Post in this site , what is your thoughts on this , I contacted steinberg support and their thoughts are that it is the zoom r16 driver that is causing my problems , well dont know your thoughts but I am not in the position to rewrite driver software and keep spending money only to find issues with what is supposed to work. I used the zoomr16 with win xp , and was super exicited to go to the next level as it were, however as per above going full tilt has caused me a huge headache, any one running a simailar setup , also wondering if I should consider as a last ditch effort to go with a Presonus Interface instead of the R16 , Please help anyone !!! Frazelled

Try to update the firmware of the audio interface
Did you tried that?

Thanks , Yes I ugraded the software in the R16 to the latest version , and the latest driver for the system , and still the same outcome, in 64bit version of windows I get as Far as setting the latency settings and get it running but seems to crash if I Happen to set something it doesnt like , so I am super confused, a good friend of mine who has his PHD in computer engineering came over and had a look and his sumation was there is a problem with the driver for the R16 , so thats where I am at at this point, called my music guru equipment supply guy and am really considering the Presonus Audio Box 1818 , I am hoping that that should work. Your Thoughts what do you think !!
Thanks for your help!

I know a band that works with zoom R16 but for back n tracks
Have you asked support at zoom?

Hi , yes however it has not got me anywhere , I think their product is good but the drivers need some tweaking to work with win 7 32 or 64 bit , I know the R16 worked great with win xp and cubase le4 , however when you want to go farther ie: cubase 6 or 7 and a newsystem upgrade , well the driver just aint workin so I have decided to give the Presonus 1818VSL a go as I hear it will run with win7 64 bit so I’ll keep you posted >>