Optimised settings for Cubase 8 (Win 7) ?

So what is the optimised settings ?

1 ) Should Hyper threading be on or off ?

  1. Also when larger buffers is selected it kicks off the “Asio Guard”

So it says in the manual > cause the “HELP ” button doesn’t work in VST Audio system > low , normal or high.

Manual says: “The higher the level, the higher the processing stability and audio processing performance. However, higher levels also lead to an increased ASIO-Guard latency and memory usage”

I am unsure what this means ? So should we run on “high” or “normal” or “low” or should one test them each and see what works best ?

It seems Cubase 8 runs better on lower buffers with Asio guard on > so I’m a bit confused :question:

it’s not as confusing as it seems.

Adding buffers/latency eases the load on your Audio Interface.
ASIO Guard adds buffers/latency as if you did it yourself in the ASIO settings. It does it as a multiple of what YOU set the Audio Card to. At some point, lets say you set your buffers to 2048 … ASIO Guard would say oh great … 2048 x 10 = 20480 … holy shit that’s like an hour and a half latency, let’s not do that.

But, ASIO Guard also lets tracks that are clicked to monitor mode run at the base buffer setting. So to you, the project is rolling free and easy, because 99% of the tracks are running at a very large buffer size, but the monitor track seems to be working at a really good/low latency.

Low, sets a low multiple
Medium, sets a medium multiple
High, sets a large multiple

Thx JMCecil