Optimize Score ?

Hallo everyone.

After several months working on different things in Dorico I am taking the plunge and starting to score out my Digitiphonies - one of my main reasons for getting with the Dorico act. They involve electro and orchestral instruments, graphics, and explanatory text. It’s all going well so far, considering the early stage Dorico is at and the scoring demands of this newly defined (by me ;p) genre. However, it’s all getting a bit messy when I come to print :frowning:

I know I can adjust things like rastral size and spaces in options, but where I am inserting text instructions for modulation of electro instruments (by necessity quite long instructions) I am getting text trying to carry on from one page to another in print mode, and failing miserably - though it looked OK in write mode it veers right off the page in print mode. I understand it’s early days, but is there going to be any equivalent of the optimize score facility in Sibelius which went some way to clearing up collisions etc ? The same sort of idea as that, but on steroids, would be very, very cool.

Or am I missing something ?

I still absolutely love this app ! It rewards hard work with such beautiful engraving, thank you again Daniel et al



I’m glad you’re enjoying using Dorico to put your scores together, Mike.

You should find that what you see in Print mode is exactly the same as what you see in Write and Engrave modes, provided, of course, you’re working in page view rather than galley view.

Shift+X text items do not automatically avoid collisions with other items just yet, but this will be addressed in the 1.0.30 update. In the meantime, you should be able to resolve the collisions with a bit of judicious nudging in Engrave mode.

Thanks Daniel

Therein lies part of my problem, and it’s partly my fault; I had naively assumed that Dorico would treat long lines of ‘instructive’ text the same way as lyrics, or notes and systems, ie it would break them automatically for page breaks, which is obviously not the case. Working in page mode shows problems up earlier I guess, but I will still have to work out a way of making lines of non lyric text move appropriately. Given Dorico’s flexibility with frames etc I am sure I will find a way now I have identified the problem and maybe the next update will help too. Or I could even input text instructions as lyrics. So many options :laughing:

Have a great weekend,



Sorted. Here’s what I did, as Daniel suggested, working in page mode so as to see how text will fall in a page, using background and foreground colours in the text (shift x) to keep instructions legible. Then, as instructed higher in this thread, tweaking judiciously in engrave mode. The pic on the left is how it was before I started this thread (actually it went even further off the page than this pic shows, it’s a long sentence), the pic on the right is how it is now .

Posting this in case anyone is in my situation and struggling (unlikely, perhaps ;p)

Thanks Daniel !