"Optimize Staff Spacing" Fuction

Hey yall - Dorico 5 user here. Sorry if this has already been asked - feel free to direct me to the right thread if so.

Does Dorico have an “optimize staff spacing” function like Sibelius 6, where all selected staves are arranged equal distance from each other on the page/frame in one click? Right now I am dragging them all individually, and I suspect there’s an easier method that I’m missing.

Let me know, thanks!

Yes, check out Layout Options–Vertical Spacing–Vertical Justification. You can set the percentage threshold values above which Dorico will vertically justify the page by expanding the systems (or staves). You can set the percentage to a lower value to make sure your pages justify.

Thx for the reply - I’m not sure that’s the fix I’m looking for though. I’m looking for a way to quickly resolve staff spacing issues within a frame - see the attached screenshot as an example. Is there a way to select all the staves in this frame, hit a key command/function, and have it automatically spread out equally?

There are other issues here. Can you please show engrave mode? Your system may be overfull (beyond 100%), in which case you could start by reducing the inter-space gap. Or perhaps you have also some staff spacing manual adjustment that needs to be removed.

Also, the rehearsal mark at 5 is too low. My big-picture suggestion is to select everything and reset all positioning, then experiment with Ideal Gaps in Layout Options. The rule of thumb is to work with global/automatic settings first, and resort to manual adjustments only as needed.


Dorico does this automatically, on the fly. There just be some other issue here. Hard to say without the file, but what happens if you go to vertical spacing mode in engrave mode?