optimize staves in engrave window/mode

Good morning everybody,
Thanks for the help I got so far.
I wrote a little guitar piece for a pupil , four staves. ( Don’t know the exact word for German Notenzeile)
I want to arrange them in the way, that they are distributed on the whole page.
I need the space for comments, Chords…
Thanks a lot, I’ve searched, but ----

You might want to change, in Setup, Layout options (right bottom corner of the screen), on the Vertical spacing page (last category), the value for Vertical justification. With four staves, the default size (5pts), if I pick a “Justify distance between staves and systems when page is at least 38% full” (or less), Dorico justifies the 4 staves and there is plenty of room between them!

Hi Marclarcher,

thanks a lot. It works !!
But recently only for the whole score -Partitur- not für the single voice score.

I’ll try to find out, have a nice day,

Actually, it works exactly the same way for the single voice score, but you have to enter the same values in the Layout options page devoted to the single voice score. You choose it clicking on it when you are on the Layout options. On the left of that window, you have the list of the different Layouts that are created. Instead of letting Full score, you click on your single instrument Layout.