Optimize windows 10 and task manager for cubase 11

How to optimize and delete everything in windows 10 to get cubase 11 optimized for music and vst. and turn off and change all services in windows 10 and task manager for optimization.

is there any program that is one click optimization for DAWs?

talked to microsoft why they can not make an optimized windows for sound production as they have it for games. the answer was a good idea, so it is unlikely to happen.


Read this article, please.


I have read it but realize that i can do more as in task manager, but i dont know how. is also thinking about how to be able to turn off windows antivirus and firewall and how to clear away everything that is in the background that windows works with that only takes frame memory and cpu really annoying. need this as the Izotope plugin takes a lot of power and how to optimize Izotope in Cubase 11 and windows 10

Although the “Read Me” doesn’t say, turning off Defender’s Real-Time Protection after you’ve turned off your bluetooth and internet is probably the biggest boost. Your CPU will thank you for it and LatencyMon will show that.

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