Happy New Year to all :slight_smile: . Are there any new tips that has came about to optimize Windows 10 for audio (DAW) recording or is Windows 10 pretty much already optimized :question: ? Black Viper used to have tips, and a couple other sites. There were even some sites that had you making changes or “hacks” to your System Registry. Cubase runs pretty good after converting midi parts to audio. But, maybe there is something else that can be done to minimize CPU usagae. Just trying to get the most out of Windows 10 Pro for recording in Cubase 10. Any input is very valuable. Thanks in advance.

Hi it might be helpful to know a little about your DAW PC. I did a quick rundown on Dell.com about the XPS8900 and it looks like it came in a few flavors, but they all should be more than capable of running CB10 pretty well. If things run better after rendering to audio I assume you are having issues when running multiple VSTi? Are you running heavy duty Kontakt libraries or East/West? What are your ASIO settings? It might sound silly, but have you checked inside your case to make sure your cooler fan isn’t gunked up with dust etc? Bad air flow/cooling will bog a CPU down.

I haven’t seen any specific Windows 10 DAW tweaks other than Sweetwater’s. There aren’t really any Ah Ha! moments in there, mostly the same tips/tricks as Win 7 https://www.sweetwater.com/sweetcare/articles/pc-optimization-guide-for-windows-10/

Hope this helps a little



Thanks AJ. I do run quite a few instances of third party VSTi’s. But I did notice that when I run 5 to ten instances of Steinberg HALion SE instruments, the CPU usage is always lower? ASIO settings I usually leave at 1024. I did learn the hard way back on Cubase VST 3.6-VST/32-SX that it was a good idea to convert to audio once I had the sounds I wanted, because sometimes when after re-formatting the hard drive to clean it up, there were times when I could not remember what instruments were used! Not keeping a track sheet or anything :frowning: . And yes, my fans are kept pretty clean from dust build-up (I guess we all have learned about that by doing this for a little while :slight_smile: ). But definitely thank you for mentioning and reminding me of that tip! I have not checked out the Sweetwater deal, but i’m going over there right after this. Just wanted to check back in to see if anyone had posted any suggestions. And you did, and again, I thank you! If you can think of anything else that might help at this point, please share it with me. Thanks again.