Optimizing for live midi and audio recording

My problem: Latency is bad, the bigger a project gets the worse it gets! Need advice for optimization
Quick info: Hi, just come from logic after 6 years with my imac, to a new PC with cubase 8.5. I built the PC myself quite cheap under 900 quid, but the specs I feel should suffice for general production with audio and midi. I’m liking cb a lot, excited for the future using it! … but truth be told after a week or so playing with it, I am missing the low latency button from logic, big time, it solved everything instantly for recording audio or midi regardless of project size. The device setup panel gives me various options and I can see that I will need to get to know what each item does, Asio gaurd, Audio Priorty, Steinberg audio power scheme etc. So its a case of getting used to optimizing the settings each time for each situation but the main thing I want to be able to do is record at near enough zero latency MIDI, and Audio at the click of a few buttons. I’ll provide some examples


Whats the best settings for playing and recording midi at low latency? Got a yamaha p95 weighted keyboard midi’d up to my soundcard with the demo of grand SE3 in cb 8.5 pro, cool plugin but latencys not the best currently and ive been playing with different settings, my soundcard has an asio panel with a basic slider for buffer settings - 64, 128 , 256 etc/@ 256 i get ok results on 256 with 5.850 milliseconds, anything higher on the buffer meter its not as playable. Constant pops and crackles even just adding one or two other sounds though, and not sure why.

Drivers are up to date on soundcard. I’ve tried a friends advice to try out running my audio throgh the asio for all thing, seems worse.


What would be the best settings for very low latency live audio recording? Recording guitars with a few vst amp sims, perhaps a drumkit vst running in background and some synths and other audio tracks - this runs ok but the bigger the project gets the worse latency gets, pops clicks crackles - do i have to adjust the settings every time the project gets bigger? Very annoying currently.

I’m aware of freezing tracks, doesnt do that much.

My soundcard isnt amazing (Tascam us 2x2), its getting updated soon also to a UA usb 3.0 one, but, had no problems at all on logic pro 8 with it, on a 7 year old imac - which had twice the playability and latency power than my current setup :confused:

Any advice apprechiated

I am missing the low latency button from logic, big time, it solved everything instantly for recording audio or midi regardless of project size

Cubase Constrain Delay Compensation does the same thing. It simply bypasses all plugins that introduce latency.

hello many thanks for the reply. ok thats cool i have tried that im still getting pops and crackles but good to know for future once i sort my problem out, thanks. im open to other suggestions.

may i ask to anyone here - in general whats your normal rate of tasks to be running in task manager when its just cubase running on windows?


:dpc latency checker - in the yellow , 1400 (maximum 1592)
:processes - 70-85 at a time (possible cause of problems? seems like generic stuff running in background, hence my question)
:usbs connected: soundcard, midi keyboard, keyboard, bluetooth 4.0 usb with apple magic mouse
:all antivirus disconnected, internet off etc
:main hdd is about 40% full of software
:as far as im aware all latest drivers etc
i do have a fair ammount of vsts and stuff installed, but not a CRAZY ammount.

im thinking complete system restart, just install cubase no plugins etc (SUCKS!) but, maybe to illimate hardware problems here? im pretty much certain that this is nothing to do with the specs or anything, the pcs works fine out of cubase normally also. Im also thinking when i get the better soundcard in a few weeks, it will help, but like i say i had no problem with it on an much older older mac system

my full specs are here (the i5 version of processor and cubase over sonar though)


i can be patient to an extent but hate being nonconstructive like this just wanna make some music so any more advice from anyone will be rewarded in any way i can (no im not rich)!