Optimum screen size

There’s no ideal solution to this as everyone works in different ways…but it appears I am going to upgrade from C6.5. Currently, I use 2x23" screens: one for Cubase itself and the other for VST instruments.With (as I think I understand it ?) C8 can open a window on the right-hand side for those instruments, I am wondering if I could do with a single 29" or maybe 32" or larger to get it all together. I’m not ‘in the industry’: it’s only a hobby/interest.

What do you think ? I also see that these windows are collapsable/adjustable but,for me, it would help if this side-window could remain open whilst I’m composing,tinkering etc etc


With C8 you are no longer limited to windows only being able to exist within the confines of the main Cubase window. So you don’t have to stretch Cubase across multiple monitors - you can just put windows wherever you want independent of each other.

The best monitor setup is really dependent on how you work and personal preference.

I’ve always needed (wanted? lusted? felt deprived if I didn’t have?) more monitor space so I could see more stuff at the same time. I used to have 2x23" until I saw a good deal on 27" which I got 2 of and added to my setup for 1000+ square inches total. The two 27"s are in the middle with the 23"s on the far right and left. I always have the Cubase project window on the middle left. What goes on the others varies depending on if I’m tracking, editing or mixing. Even with so much space available I still often end up having windows hidden behind others, especially when editing midi parts.

So think of how many items you need too see at once and how much room that requires (think square inches not diagonal screen size). Also consider cost - you may find 2 moderate sized monitors provide more space at lower cost than one huge monitor. Also think about the physical space in your studio. When I went from 2 to 4 monitors I also had to get new speaker stands or they would have been partially blocked by the monitors.

Many thanks for your input.

I have 3 monitors. Screen resolution/size is better on the top monitor. C8 makes it possible to do this.

Having the extra space is an amazing thing.
Studio Screens Resize.jpg

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!


Thank you. I don’t necessarily want to sit in front of a cinema but I am keen to know what is in each of the 3 screens? Maybe you write music to video and split the other 2 between Cubase and sample libraries. I don’t really have the luxury of the space. I can fit 2 but not 3. I’ not out to impress any clients either–I’ve just retired–unless you count the dog and the moggie. What do others use–27" or 29" (Dell, Samsung, Philips, BenQ, LG, AOC etc). Really, a screen is just a screen. It won’t break or crash: I’m just curious to see how other people cope especially with C8 having collapsable/sizable windows etc to aid workflow.

Well my 27’s are Samsung, but that’s just because they were a good price at Costco :slight_smile: .

Any reputable brand is probably OK and I’d go with price on a monitor, but not say a PC. I’ve owned a lot of monitors over the years and they all seemed to work fine. Although I do check online reviews just to make sure there isn’t a design problem before actually purchase.

Yes, I think on-line reviews are the sensible route to take .


Another thing to keep in mind is screen resolution and aspect ratio. Over many years I’ve been through several different screen setups, 4 - 23", 2 - 23" / 1 - 27", 3 - 27"… a while back I came across a great deal on some 29" and 34" ultrawides, gave them a try hoping that I could finally have one screen. But returned them back to the store. The 21:9 aspect ratio and higher resolutions (ex 3440x1440) alowed for more windows, plugins, editors on the screen but made them smaller and difficult to read. Most plugins are not scalable so unless you are very close to the screen or have remarkable eye sight higher resolution could make it harder to work.

I’ve gone back (for now…) to a less-is-more approach with automation with 2 - 27" (1920 x1080) screens, and setup Cubase Workspaces that I can quick control switch depending on what I need (tracking, mixing, midi editing, VSTi editing…). It took a while to settle on what Workspace configs I liked but once I did it really helped. Workspaces are much better in CB 8+.

i use one 19 inch 1440x900 resolution screen from years ago and it is pure suffering but i manage

I use 2 21 inch. Project window left, mix console right. I’d like more but haven’t the space.

I have never cared for 1 big screen.

I use 4 set side by side. For myself this works the best. The biggest drawback is lack of Steinberg implenting Key Commands, missing key commands and basic navigation from focus on one mix console to focus on another mix console. At the moment there are not many navigation aids. You have basic windows commands that allow some rotating through screens. But the only focus method I know of is to close and open a mix console.

what gpu do you use for 4 screens ?

3 screens. I have project window and mixconsole up at all time, and the third is located by the keyboards so i can see the vstis when I play it. Very handy. I dont use workspaces, I want my screens static. I move plugins all around, though!

In the beginning I started using Cubase I only had one 12" monochrome crt monitor back then. I got every thing done and actually never thought much about needing more space? :smiley: But that was only midi so before audio kicked in. Today I’m working with 2x 24’ Dell monitors and even now I have the feeling I could use more space? Especially when editing multiple VSTi’s it can get messy pretty soon. I tend to move those around a lot. I keep my project windows on the left with optional Instrument rack (Alt+T to toggle) and my mixer with control room on the right. I think every sane person should be able to get things done with 2 monitors. Extra might help get productivity even up to a higher level but the danger in this is that you are looking at a tennis match and have to move your head all the time to see whats going on the other side. :smiley:

If you want to buy multiple monitors make sure you match the connections with those on your pc. A lot of cheaper monitors only come with VGA and HDMI connectors while some pc’s only have display port and DVI outputs. Of course there is way around this but you will have to get separate adapters to correct it. Extra money spend and maybe loss of quality in the conversion?

By the way I use 1900x1200 monitors because I prefer the extra height as apposed to the extra width of the 1920x1080 provide. Not as good for fulls creen movies, but that’s not what I bought them for.

I used to have 2 24" monitors. But due to distance, have about 1-1.3 meters to the monitors, I had to scrap em. Couldent make out anything on em. Guess my age is catching up with my eyes :laughing:

So I went for a single 50" screen. Have it at 1920x1080. It is just perfect.
I also use a nektar panorama controller, wich I control my plugins with. So I have no use for a second or third screen to have plugins running on em.

I was a bit sceptical about the acoustics with that big 50" screen. But moving some panels sorted it out :slight_smile:

Same here. The 1900x1200s are often found used and very cheap. I can pick up a 21 inch for $50. I don’t need extra width. Do they even make 1900x1200s anymore?

Having 4 screens is the best investment I have ever made to enhance workflow for Cubase. Now…if Steinberg would start paying attention to focus, navigation, and the accompanying key commands…

I miss typed, it’s actually 1920x1200 (16:10) :blush: Yes they still do make these quite a lot. For general application use it’s just more efficient than 1920x1080 (16:9).

I wanted as much real estate as possible, but really disliked the idea of having multiple monitors, so I opted for 50" 4k TV instead. Now I have a real estate of four 24" monitors on a single screen. Works great! Can’t even imagine going back to a 27" monitor I upgraded from.