Option+Clicking on selected notes delete other notes

I accidentally found out Option+Clicking on selected notes deletes other notes…
Interesting Feature…

Alt-click pastes any selected notes where you click.

ok So in a way it copies the selected note into itself…hence deleting other notes. intersting.

Exactly. Many people use it when they want to copy a passage to somewhere else because it’s slightly easier than “copy/pasting”.

Did yo do it by accident or were you trying to do something specific?

by accident…

Yeah, I used that Alt-clicking back in Sibelius but this is also an interesting way to delete other notes quickly. :thinking:

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Only if those other notes are in the same voice.

Note: You can also use Opt-click (Alt-click) to paste in any objects. Try it with slurs. Select a slur then opt-click on other notes and it will paste in the exact same slur as the original. You can even select a pattern of slurs and it will replicate them. It’s very powerful.

Not if Qord mode is engaged (letter q). Useful to add tuplets by alt clicking signposts without deleting everything!

Alt-click to copy things is one of my absolute favorite features and I use it alllllll the time.

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