Option Export to wma missing

Hej hej,
In “Export Audio Mixdown” the option “save to WMA” is missing. WAV and MP3 and other file formats are present though.
Using Cubase Pro 11 v 11.0.30 build 419.
Many thanks for any tip that would enlighten me.

I don’t think WMA is supported in Cubase 11: File Formats

I’m assuming it’s relatively easy to find a program that can do the conversion from WAV to WMA, though. Maybe VLC Media Player ? Or if you’re comfortable with the command line, FFmpeg is insanely powerful.

Indeed, WMA is not supported anymore.

Dear all,
Thank you ever so much for your quick response. wma used to be supported though.
I will use the VLC converter then.

Indeed… Cubase 10


Cubase 11


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Just out of curiosity, why do you want to export to WMA?

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Dear Scab,
Thank you for your interest.
I wanted to export to wma because I was in the belief that this is the required format to burn music onto an audio CD.
Meanwhile I understood that I can burn the wav files and that this should work as well. I will try it later this week.
I am not young and a bit inexperienced I am afraid, yet happy to find solutions in the Cubase forum.
Hope I can contribute a bit more later.
Kind regards,

For audio CD, you actually want WAV at 44.1KHz and 16bit as your export. :smiley:

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Dear Nico,
Thank you for this information. I exported in 32 float bits so I will have to re-export. Should be no problem.
Thanks for the advice, we are learning every day, that is good.

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