Option for Cycle Markers - Only locate Start of Cycle Marker

I have my marker shortcuts up 1-9 set and use them, but after 9, I need to start using ‘Locate Next Marker Command’, and I’d like a function-option in the Marker Window preferences to enable - ‘Locate Start Of Cycle Markers Only’, so that I can skip through them successively without having to locate the ends.

The only way I have worked this out was to create a “next marker” macro. The macro searches for the next marker, set locator, search for next marker, set locator, then zoom to the locators. Not ideal, I would like to see more but it is useful. I have a macro for next cycle marker and previous cycle marker. You can search for ‘x’ marker but I find that is too much of a hassle.

I can post the exact macro I use if you would like.

Here are the Macros I use. It will select the gap between cycle markers but it can be a feature of sorts because sometimes you need to look at the transitions.



yes I do similar, but it only works if the cursor is properly placed.

imo, Locate Next Marker with cycles should only locate the start. it shouldn’t even be a separate command as I had suggested in the OP.

There is a key command “go marker X” so you can type the marker you want. Does that help?

I’m aware, not really, not in the context of quick navigation

The problem with that command is you have to type what X is and let’s say you go to marker 15, I have had it go to 1 instead of 15. You can’t get to it I’m the project logical editor either. The next and previous were the best workaround I could find.

I have that set to [CTRL]+[num/] so I have my thumb at the right [CTRL] and the pinky on [num/] like some kind of piano key octave grip hehe. Then I hit e.g 1 and 5 on the num pad fast enough to have the mini dialog getting both numbers. Works every time and I use it all of the time. The key command I set up because that’s how I liked it so that’s up to you, but it should work.

BTW I absolutely LOVE the “Do something X” commands. There are a few more mainly dealing with markers but I would be a very happy camper if there were more of those. As a matter of fact I’ve removed most of the numbered 1-9 commands where there is a X command since there is no limit to the number of commands that way … other than my memory of silly details, which happen to be kind of photographic hahaha! :flushed: :crazy_face: :laughing:

FIY, if you’re on PC you can use AutoHotKey to make keybinds that go beyond the 1-9, example, having an AHK script that initiates ‘Workspace X’, types ‘15’ for you, and presses enter - and have all this keybinded to WinKey+NumPad5

Thanks I’m on a Macbook Pro. Not sure if there is a way but my next and previous macros work well enough I try to stay under 9 cycle markers.

this is even more annoying when trying to try to go previous cycle marker during playback. A lot of the time, when I’m locating cycle markers, I keep playback running.

Because of this, I hit ‘Previous Marker’ it goes to the end of the previous marker, but by the time I hit ‘Previous Marker’ again, the playback head has moved forward and so isntead just goes to the end of the same end I was already at.


it needs to behave as if you were click-locating the cycle markers in the marker manager list window