Option for more text lines on Mixconsole Scribble Strips

So, the mix console. Could we please have an option in preferences to have more than 2 lines to name Mixconsole Channels? When a track name is too long, and with only 2 lines, the track names become impossible to read. Here is an example of track names being impossible to read and I have named the tracks only with abbreviations so have no idea how to shorten them further. I think with the amount of screen resolution a 1440p or 4k display offers, we should be able to utilise that extra real estate. My Cubase template is at 2183 tracks. Naming is important.

Here is a screen shot of faders at minimum size on a 1440p display…

AV = Spitfire Albion V. I can’t shorten this any further.
CS CW = Cinesample CineWinds = I guess I could remove the space but it’s irrelevant as It won’t help.

Just having a 3rd line would be a huge help! It could show the actual articulation instead of “LOW”. “LOW” means what? I have no idea what these channels are for until I zoom in (or have to keep looking at Channels in Project Window).

This seems like such a simple feature request but man, it would be huge for workflow! Thanks for listening