Option for putting slur outside of tuplet?

I was wondering if there’s an Engraving option for putting a slur outside a tuplet? Dorico defaults to placing the slur inside the tuplet.
Screen Shot 2019-09-27 at 11.16.29 AM.png
Thanks for any information

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I don’t think there is an engraving option to change this, but in Engrave mode, you can set the Tucking Index property for the slur to 1.

I’m not sure exactly what the different values do, but it controls the way that different type of object are “stacked” around the notes.

Is there a way to make this the default behaviour? The current default creates some rather odd looking tuplets in my case: Screenshot 2021-03-01 at 21.28.19

I would flip the stem direction on the 6uplet and not use uplet brackets. Just a suggestion.

The factory default won’t show the tuplet brackets at all - you’d just get numbers above the beam like so:


For that matter the factory default for the second tuplet, if you were to tell it to show a bracket, would be an angled bracket rather than a horizontal one.

No, there isn’t a way of setting tuplets to always be inside or always be outside of slurs, but the only thing you need to set manually is the Tucking Index of the slur (to 2 in this case, I think).


Thank you. Angled brackets do make the situation slightly better, true. Still it would be nice to have an “Allow slurs inside tuplet brackets” option in the future, imho.

Thanks a lot for your example though!