Option for Saving last Position & Zoom in Each Project File


until last month I have been using Cubase 5 and now I finally upgraded to Cubase 8.5.
One thing I am totally missing is the automatic storage of timeline position and zoom. In Cubase 5, both the position and the zoom were stored by default. When reopening a project I was at the same position and zoom as when I had previously closed the project.

As I am often working on big projects, I find it quite annoying that now in Cubase 8.5, every time I reopen a project, both the position and the zoom are set to default (bar 1/ standard zoom).

So maybe there is a reason that this has been changed in the new version, but would it
be possible to make it at least optional to activate the “old standard” ?


+1 for an option to open each project in it’s last saved state.

Cubase does have a preference option to open your project using the last view saved on your computer. It’s not “per project” though. Again, it is the last view saved on your computer. This gets confusing when working multiple projects as the next project you open is opened using the view used when saving the last project. What the??? :unamused:

Regardless… the option(s) available to set the “Open Projects in Last Used View” are found in the Cubase File>Preferences>General menu. Description is found in the operation manual on page 1104.

If you are working and saving only one project at a time then setting the option to “Always” will do what you want.

Maybe you could change the title of your request to add the word … “Each” Project File. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

I have selected the “Open Projects in Last Used View,” but my projects still do not open to the position and zoom level that I saved.