Option for single plugin window that follows track selection

I don’t think Cubase yet has this option, but I may be missing a preference.

This would be especially useful for SSL V2 channel strip and my shiny new UC1 - if the plugin followed track selection, then the UC1 would sync to my MCU without needing any workarounds.

Most other daws today seem to have this option, which is nice to reduce window clutter as well



Sorry, this is not possible in Cubase.

It doesn’t exist (yet), but there’s a request since long to have tabbed plugin windows, with an option to follow track selection. I just added an additional feature to that request to also have it follow the same selected plugin (sounds exactly like what you’re looking for).

Link below, support and vote if you like:


That would be great.
In Logic Pro I always try to put the same plugins on same slots to achieve it so an auto selection in Cubase would be much better. That is, if we get the feature at all :slight_smile:

Please, that would be great if we have this in next upgrade.

Yes please!

Are you saying that having the currently open plugin window follow the track selection is impossible to implement or just hard to add? Because if it is hard to implement, then suck it up and do it! This is one of the best features of Studio One.

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Just discovered the floating plugin window with tabs in Wavelab Pro 11 today. Very sweet. Is that basically what you’re looking for?

Yes, that’s the idea.

The tabbed plugin window in Studio One doesn’t work very well when you have a lot of plugins instantiated (i.e., open in your project). I’m open for discussion, but it might be better if there is just one instrument/rack plugin open onscreen at once and this corresponds to the selected Arranger Track on which that plugin is instantiated. This is how it works in Vienna Ensemble when the “Instrument follows MIDI” (or similar) option is selected.

I think this feature would work best on a 2 or 3 monitor setup. Clicking on the MIDI or Instrument Arranger Track would display the associated plugin wherever it was last present onscreen. Typically, this would be on the second or third monitor. The plugin size/scale would be remembered along with its position onscreen when displayed.

Selecting a different Arranger Track would display that track’s associated plugin on the same screen and at the same position on that screen (centering the plugin window based on its vertical and horizontal dimensions).

By having at least two monitors, you could always have your plugin’s interface appear on your second (or third) monitor whenever you click on a MIDI or Instrument Arranger Track on your main monitor.

Steinberg did it in Wavelab; or at least the floating, tabbed portion. The tracking to track selection I assume might be the deal breaker then?

No, I don’t think the tracking to selection should be that hard. Cubase already knows what Instrument or MIDI track is selected in the Arranger window track list. It’s just a matter of either adding that plugin as the active interface within the tabbed set of instruments or as a “Always on Top” plugin window on whatever was the last monitor used to display one of the plugins.

Hope that make sense!

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In Cubase Shift option (quick 2 on the uf8) with default setting
will open all plugins on the track and at the same time select it on the uc1.
Shift command (quick 2 on the uf8) will close all plugin windows

it’s a quick way to have the uc1 to follow selected channel.

I scratch my head for a while

I would like to have the option to automatically follow selected channels on plugin window as well!!


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that would save some clicks fer sure!

Imho this “follow track selection” could be made optional, since the core feature and the big work are the tabbed windows itself.
Just display every plugin window as it is now, but add a tab bar on each, were you see all plugins which are active on the same track. Like this there are is max. one plugin per track visible, but the others are easy accessible by using the tab bar.

If somebody then wants to have one plugin window open all the time for all tracks (which would be the one which follows track selection), I am sure this can be added as well.

But how about we vote for this FR, since it already has 15 votes?

Together with the votes here it would already have 22. So it is more likely we will see tabbed windows implemented by Steinberg.
@brittleheadritchie @Music_Maven @Eric_Lamothe


I love this idea and really hope that we can get it in the next release, working with a lot of different VST instruments quickly becomes a mess in Cubase currently.

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I paid 1600 dolars for UC1 and UF8 and they not follow track selection this is crazy, how this basic thing cannot be possible …

Can you explain how you found this?

I lost it somehow and can’t find anything anywhere on how to enable it. Extremely frustrating.