Option for single plugin window that follows track selection

I don’t think Cubase yet has this option, but I may be missing a preference.

This would be especially useful for SSL V2 channel strip and my shiny new UC1 - if the plugin followed track selection, then the UC1 would sync to my MCU without needing any workarounds.

Most other daws today seem to have this option, which is nice to reduce window clutter as well


Sorry, this is not possible in Cubase.

It doesn’t exist (yet), but there’s a request since long to have tabbed plugin windows, with an option to follow track selection. I just added an additional feature to that request to also have it follow the same selected plugin (sounds exactly like what you’re looking for).

Link below, support and vote if you like:

That would be great.
In Logic Pro I always try to put the same plugins on same slots to achieve it so an auto selection in Cubase would be much better. That is, if we get the feature at all :slight_smile: