Option for Sound Output based on windows/OSX settings

I’ve become a master at troubleshooting issues when I can’t get any sound out of Cubase, but I’ve been trying to get other people into using Cubase and they frequently report they can’t figure out how to get any sound output. I understand for professional studios and audio engineers it’s great being able to specify exactly which sound device you want to output to, but why not have an option in the output pulldown “use windows settings” or something like that. Every application on the planet can simply use windows sound output settings… except Cubase. I think my friend is switching to garageband (on ipad, bleck) because they’ve had so much trouble getting Cubase to make sound.

Thanks for listening to my humble rant.

Because Cubase requires a low-latency ASIO driver.

Sure, but there’s no reason Cubase couldn’t look at windows output device and assign it’s own asio driver to the same device.