Option N (move note to staff above) does not work in Dorico 5

Hi, in Dorico 5 (Dorico 5.1 on Mac M1) hitting ‘option N’ does not work (that is: move note to staff above) though the edit command ‘paste special-move to staff above’ works fine.
Hitting ‘option M’ works fine (moving note to staff below).
I tried different situations (new score, different instruments, re-edit the shortcut etc.) but nothing works.
When going back to Dorico 4 everything works normal…
Please help.

Could be the Key Command has been deleted by accident.
Go to preferences, Key commands
retype the key command (ALT+N) there.
sometime that may work.

I already tried that.

And you see the keycommand behind the “move to staff above” in the menu?

Yes. it’s there.

I am not finding this to be a problem with my version of Dorico Pro 5.0.1 on Windows 10 (64-bit).
Hope you find a solution for your machine.

I found a solution: my keyboard was ‘Dutch’. It worked in Dorico 4. I have changed it to VS.
Now ‘option N’ works fine. Is this a bug though??
Thanks everybody for your advise.

I think it’s a problem with the new version of Qt. On my french keyboard, it was duplicate to staff above that did not work anymore, and the Team has told me they were finding a solution for these problems :crossed_fingers: