Option request for saving as default


Currently you can hide the flow title from a project’s first page, and if your projects are rarely multi-movement, you can make it default to not show it. However it looks like you still have to manually change the token from flow title to project title on default pages after the first page. Or at least copy the project title into flow title.

I’d be cool to see a button in layout options to show project title at the top of default pages and to save it as default. (Don’t get me wrong, I really LOVE the flows feature, but a fellow arranger friend of mine always does small stand alone pieces and finds it tedious to change the flow name to project name every time.)



I think it’s more likely that we’ll see user-defined template files as the basis of new projects. That would be more flexible, allowing whatever you wanted in the Masters.

In the meantime, you can import your desired Master Page Sets to new documents, or start all new projects from a file that has the Masters as you want them.