Option to always Rec Midi CC in Controller Lanes


I’ve been trying to make a macro that moves both CC1 and CC11 in an increment of +1 and then -1. A small nudge to trigger it’s current value so it gets recorded in the controller lanes all the time.

The goal is that when I hit record, Cubase starts recording and then moves both CC1 & CC11 up and down a single value point so that there curent value gets recorded in the midi or instrument track’s Controller Lanes without me having to manually wake up the controllers every time.

I want to be able to dial my CC values and then start recording, not the other way around.

It could be a built in feature in Cubase to always monitor and record specific CC’s current values. There is nothing I hate more than to open up an event, let’s say a string patch that is at the perfect CC value but there is no telling to what value that is because the controller lanes are empty. Often I want to make a decrescendo with the xfade velocity CC (CC1orCC11) and since it did not get recorded in the controller lane, I mess up the intensity and dynamics.

So long story short, an option to always record current CC values in the controller lanes and the way I see it could be done is by nudging +1-1 to CC1 and CC11 with a small delay after I start recording.

Any thought or ideas on how to achieve that would be great. Writing this in the Feature Requests is a long shot.