Option to assign custom color for VSTi's

I spend a lot of time assigning colors to VSTi’s to differentiate the instruments. It would be nice to be able to assign a permanent color to all VSTi’s. :bulb:

By the way,I am talking about the mixer(s), Just a way to assign a color to VSTi’s globally Would save me a lot of time. If there’s another way to do the same thing, please let me know!

Your question is a bit ambiguous.

Do you mean you want all VSTi channels to be the same color. Or do you want all the Halion channels one color, Retrologue channels a different color, etc.?

All Halion channels the same color, all Garritan Orchestra clannels, the same color, all Groove Agent SE 4 the Same color, ect. Because we use 3rd party VSTi’s, the ability to assign a global color to each VSTi.


One approach would be to create Track Presets for each different VSTi with the desired color included as part of the Preset. Then add Tracks using the Presets instead of adding a generic Instrument Track.

Not at the DAW right now to verify but the Project Logical Editor might work for after the fact coloring.

Also in the MixConsole you could use Quick Link to change the color on multiple Channels all at once. This would be easiest if the target Channels are adjacent to each other because you could shift+click to select the entire range. Otherwise you’d need to ctrl+click to add individual Channels to the selection.

+1 this would be amazing! I don’t take any time to color each vst like you do, because that would slow my workflow down a TON, but if it could be done automatically, it would really make navigating large projects soooo much easier/nicer.

Sometimes I’ll be working with like 200-300 tracks and the every little bit that helps me identify what is what is very very nice!

I just checked the Project Logical Editor and you could use it to set Track Colors depending on your naming conventions. If in the track name you are including the name of the VSTi (or a unique short text identifier) you can use that to select all the tracks containing that text and then set them all to the same color. There’s no way for the PLE to detect the actual VSTi used on the track.

Thanks for the replies, I think that nothing would be as convenient as assigning a color to each of your VSTi’s and save as a preference.