Option to automatically change VST on track change

I’d like an option in Cubase. When I change track the program should be intelligent enough to display the VST and fx associated with the track

Steinberg need to get off their butts and check out Studio One. Presonus has a sober and fresh take on what’s required and needed in 2019 to draw users. The competition is fierce, on their toes and wide awake.

Could you explain this more. How is your workspace or your screen setup conifgured? Please send a screenshot with a more detailed explanation of how you have your windows arranged and how you would like Cubase to behave.

If the featur request is more clear, precise, and detailed you have a better chance of it being addressed or even sombody coming up with a early solution like a workaround.


OK I’m on track 1 which has an instance of Kontakt open.
I click on track 2 which has an instance of FM8 open.
I’d like Cubase to have an option where it automatically changes the VST to match that of the track (in this case displaying FM8) - with an option to pin any VSTs which I want to keep open.

This is how Studio One operates and it’s super efficient.

Presonus is also way ahead of the game in the way that you can click on the top border of the open plugin to quickly switch between the plugins on the active track/channel. It’s also super easy to add parallel processing and custom routing.

+1 for vsti+inserts follow track selection option
long time request

I tried to come up with a workaround for an imidiate remedy.
I think that using the KeyCommand “Close All Plug-in Windows” might help a bit.

So you organize your plugins to all be located at a particular area, lets say upper right corner of second monitor.
You close all Plugins “Close All Plug-in Windows” if the overview is bad
You open the one you are interested by clicking on the edit instrument button

Yeah I actually have “Esc” set to “Close All Plug-In Windows” and it’s super useful! … However it would be really cool if you could set certain plugin windows to stay open when that command is triggered.