Option to blend out Menus/Functions in the Menu-Bar/-(Regs)

Sometimes it can be really annoying, when you´re in a Project and want to apply a command, and you can´t even find the menu, in which this option is, because the complexity of the Menus are going to confuse yourself or better your mind. It is a problem, which Professional Users high-probably would not recommend, but sometimes it is chopping your mind, when i want to release any creativity in instant or just want to apply a command, as said below.

I wish sometimes the simplicity of older versions, like Cubase 5 in the Menus and even the Suboptions for demanding uses

for example: if i never use the VST Cloud-or the Notation-/Scores-Menu or any command in the Suboptions, it would be nice to got a section-window, where i can choose, which Menus and which Commands or Suboptions, i want to have availibe in my Setup or even just for a Project.

I know, that many people, think that this idea is stupid, but please appreciate, it´s just for the ones, who want to get a better workflow.

Thanks for Listen.

since 17 mar 2015

But looks like only 8 people want it.

Didn´t know that you´ve already made a similiar thread. Thanks for response. So in Nuendo you got the possbility to adjust menus or commands to your own individual demands? Thanks for information, but at least i won´t have the money to purchase Nuendo, but thanks for advice.