Option to Change Purple Cycle "Loop" Button Color

I have been not liking the Purple Cycle button for many years, since version 5. Can Cubase engineers please change this to a blue color, or something more attractive? Or, can we please have the option to change the cycle button color to a different hue?

Red for record makes sense. All will agree. Green for play, also great choice. The other grey buttons with little black symbols are fine. A better default option for the “cycle” button, however, would maybe be yellow or orange. Purple looks “nasty” inside the cubase 8 interface.

Speaking of interface looks, can Steinberg/Yamaha please consider hiring a highly respected visual design firm to redesign the Cubase 8 interface so that it really looks professional? The interface is serious getting behind the times visually. Most of my plugins look cleaner and more professional then the Cubase 8 interface.

Design firms to consider: BemisBalkind, BBDO, Face, Landor Associates, Neve, and countless others including many in Japan and Germany.

Rupert Neve may seem like an unusual choice, but he is still alive, very brilliant, and knows a thing or two about console design. Steinberg should serious consider working with this kind of expertise. Please.

With no disrespect to Yamaha, Yamaha mixers are poorly designed, so please do not look to this group for support. Seek outside help. That being said, Yamaha hardware instruments are generally great and amazing to work with.