Option to collapse tempo track and show tempo marks with values

the idea is to take less space and not always change the tempo track size.
just leave the tempo track as is, but add option to collapse and expand it, so when its in a collapsed state it will be a thin track that don’t take much space, and you can also add/remove tempo changes/marks to it and see the tempo values (so basically its like protools style )
when needed to edit more precise and complicated tempo changes with curves etc, just expand it to how the tempo track is now, and collapse it again

How about just hiding the tempo track and then hit Command T to evoke the Tempo editor in all it’s full screen glory when you need it.
When you’re done with your edit, hit Command W and it’s back under the hood.

That’s what I do when I don’t need to edit tempo in lock step with other events.

i prefer to have the tempo track in the project all the time, especially for complex music projects with lot of changes in tempo and meter

You can set the height of individual unselected Tracks.

  1. Make sure a Track other than the Tempo Track is Selected
  2. Alt+Drag the bottom of the Tempo Track to the desired height

Now when you Select the Tempo Track it will go to the height for Selected Tracks and when it is not selected it will return to its custom height

Yes, but here, this works only if the Edit>Enlarge Selected Track option is active.