Option To Create Parts From Imported Cubase Marker Tracks

I have tried importing projects with a Cubase Arranger track, but they are not much help when I have a complete song in Cubase that I want to import into VST Live. Cubase Marker tracks seem like a much more sensible way of being able to identify sections of a song that I might want to import into VST Live.

So if the Import Media Project function could allow users to specify that they want to create VST Live Parts from the Marker track of an imported Cubase project, that would be more useful for me than Parts created from an Arranger track.

Will check to add such option, but don’t see much difference to creating from arranger track parts?

Hi all,

I used to use the marker track to split my song in cubase, but since I use VST Live, I create now an arranger track to create part in VST Live and I continue also to use marker in cubase but without export it for VST Live.

To elaborate on my use-case, I have about 200 existing backing tracks in Cubase. I have no need to use the Cubase Arranger track, as that would rearrange my existing track if I used it to mark out the various sections of a song. A Cubase Marker track however does not rearrange or edit my existing track, but merely marks where different song sections start & finish. I would like to import a song from Cubase into VST Live & use the Marker track sections to create VST Live Parts. That would then allow me to setup VST Live Layers for different song parts, without having to manually create the Parts. It would also help in the configuration of my DMX tracks having the Parts created automatically during import from the Cubase Markers. So for me, that is the difference between using Markers & Arranger tracks to create VST Live Parts.

A Cubase Arranger track does not rearrange unless beeing told to do so (activate Arranger Track). As for organizing VST Live Parts, both Markers and Arrange Parts in Cubase just denote a position, and range (duration).
It is understood that that causes work for you, because you already have so many Markers. It would have to be defined how to do this in the UI, without cluttering it for a feature not asked for so far.

As a test in 1.1.65, in my Cubase project I created an Arranger track with arranger sections for each part of the song. I did not flatten the Cubase Arranger chain, as that cuts up all of my audio tracks in the song. I then used the Cubase VST Live project export function to export all the tracks including the Arranger track, & after Importing that into VST Live, only the first Part was defined. The other Parts had no starting timecode specified.

Does the Cubase Arranger chain needs to be flattened before importing will correctly create Parts in VST Live?

… you need to tick the “Create Triggers” option in the “Import Media Project” dialog.

See you

I just did a test & I can confirm that if you tick Create Triggers in the Arrange box in the Import Media Project dialog, the Arrange track parts successfully create VST Live Parts with timecode when using v1.1.65. Thanks for the help. For the record I did not flatten the Arranger chain in Cubase.

I do still think that creating VST Live Parts from Cubase Marker tracks would be better, because you can give Marker tracks a label (like Verse 1 etc), whereas Arranger sections are just A,B, C etc. That means that the VST Live Parts are initially labelled A,B C etc on import, which is not as meaningful as the user-generated labels that Markers offer…

Hi @bcoble,

you can edit the name of an Arranger Event. Just double click to upper-left Info-Line of the event.

And at the moment VL will transfer a Cubase Marker Track to a Lyric Track.

See you

Good to know about the Lyric track thing - might avoid importing markers then…Renaming the Arranger tracks didn’t seem to work for me before but I will try that again - thanks for the tip!