Option to Customize width of those tiny Marker Lines

In a Marker Track, when you make a marker, the little Marker lines that go down the entire Project Window are too damn skinny and no one can see them in a project, rendering them utterly worthless. Furthermore, they go behind audio items, so you cant see them when you need to.

My suggestion is simple: In Preferences → Event Display → Markers, give us a dropdown box that lets us choose how many pixels wide the line is. Then give us the a option check box so that the Marker line show up in front of and items of audio waveforms. This absolutely essential feature needs to be implemented immediately because if you need to snap something to a Marker line that is not on the grid, its virtually impossible. And what is the point of markers that you can’t see?

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I was just looking for the same possibility, but it doesn’t seem that it’s possible to adjust the marker line widths yet. Please implement this feature in a future version, just like the widths of the various cursors can be set in the preferences.