Option to delete original in batch procesor

Hi, its time again for me to archive and back up some projects. I convert .wav to .flac then zip projects with a recovery record and burn to bluray.

In the past I have done the conversion using media bay in cubase, but wanted to give the batch processor in wave lab a go. I think it should be faster been multi threaded. Its working fine but I can not find an option or work out how can I set it to delete the source file after a successful conversion of each each file at a time, to stop my hard drive filling to the max. I am converting over a 1000 files and don’t have space for them as flac and wav! (part of the reason to archive and burn off the projects!)


There is not such option indeed.
The reasoning being security: let the user delete the “files by hand” later, when the result is approved.

Fair point.

I miss this from Wavelab 6, should at least be an option with it turned off by default. Those who want it can turn it on.

I always forget to use the WaveLab batch processor because before I had WaveLab I would use Sample Manager by Audiofile Engineering and I’m used to that. Now they have an update to that called Myriad which works well.

Myriad is great because it has the option to replace the original file(s) which means you don’t have to manually delete the original files which in some cases of more complex file structures can be tedious. There are times when I prefer to use Myriad instead of the well respected Weiss Saracon for sample rate conversions because Myriad has the option to just overwrite the original files with the new processing. WaveLab and Saracon can cause some complications with file destinations, names, and manual deletion whereas Myriad can do a clean batch process leaving no unwanted files.

I can see a case for WaveLab to add this as an option but of course it should be off by default for file safety purposes.

it has the option to replace the original file(s)

WaveLab batch processor can do this too.