Option to disable automatic activation of projects

This request was reported for Cubase 7 multiple times, but Steinberg still hasn’t done anything about it. I will try again.

When opening a new project while currently having one open, Cubase gives you a question if you want to activate the new project. This is good.

The problem is; when you close a project, Cubase automatically activates the next project you have open. This is immensely time consuming in a lot of situations where you have large projects that take 5 minutes to open.

My request is; can you please add an option in Cubase’s settings so that you always have to click the “activate” button manually?
In that way, if you have this option/setting UNchecked (standard), the dialogue box “do you wish to activate the project” should always come up after opening or switching to another project.
If on the other hand you have the option checked, this dialogue box will never appear, and you will always have to activate manually.

Thanks for reading.

I would also like to know how to disable this feature! It’s the most frustrating thing!!