Option to disable 'replace events?' dialog on Bounce... please!

My workflow involves bouncing in place often and this dialog gets frustrating, no other DAW requires this extra step for a basic bounce in place.

Also, every macro that contains this function cannot be run smoothly/silently because of this irritating dialog.

I almost ALWAYS want to replace the audio, and I’d be willing to bet the vast majority of users fit the same bill…

A preferences option to disable the prompt would be amazing. Although an even more flexible option would be two separate shortcut commands - ‘bounce selection’ (which would work as it does now), and then ‘bounce and replace selection’, which would automatically replace without checking first.

Seems like this one could be a very simple fix. There are threads going back years asking for this one, and I see no reason why it would cause any compatibility issues with old projects.

Please consider it for 10.5 Steinberg!