Option to disable 'replace events?' dialog on Bounce... please!

My workflow involves bouncing in place often and this dialog gets frustrating, no other DAW requires this extra step for a basic bounce in place.

Also, every macro that contains this function cannot be run smoothly/silently because of this irritating dialog.

I almost ALWAYS want to replace the audio, and I’d be willing to bet the vast majority of users fit the same bill…

A preferences option to disable the prompt would be amazing. Although an even more flexible option would be two separate shortcut commands - ‘bounce selection’ (which would work as it does now), and then ‘bounce and replace selection’, which would automatically replace without checking first.

Seems like this one could be a very simple fix. There are threads going back years asking for this one, and I see no reason why it would cause any compatibility issues with old projects.

Please consider it for 10.5 Steinberg!

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A huge +1000 for me.

I’d consider upgrading to Cubase 12 just on that option alone.

Render In Place (with Current Settings) is also not a suitable replacement for workflows/macros that make use of Bounce Selection.

Maybe i dont understand the problem? Just a 2-step macro, then assign it to a KC?

  1. Bounce in place
  2. Enter

Doesn’t that work? Thats how i have it set here. I too dont like the KC for bounce in place, then having to press “enter”, so i just made it a simple macro.

@Greg_Purkey Would you be able to show the exact key commands you’re using to achieve this please?

There is no Enter key command that I could find (on Cubase 11.0.41), the closest appears to be the Focus - Confirm Command

Creating the following macro:

Audio - Bounce Selection
Focus - Confirm

however does not close the replace events window that appears.

My apologies!

I use Metagrid, so I almost always write my macros in that, and that’s why I was dumbfounded that you couldn’t use “enter.” So a macro in Metagrid is assigned to a button (Key command) and it works just fine.

I wonder why there is no "enter’ as a Key Command?

Thanks for responding @Greg_Purkey , I really had my hopes up that I missed something!

Having an Enter key command or the option to bypass the replace events prompt would be wonderful for the workflow.

@Greg_Purkey I actually moved to REAPER years ago, but I logged back in because I’m curious - does your metagrid macro work for bouncing in place multiple selections at once with no dialog box?

You could try something like AutoHotKey (Windows) or Keyboard Maestro (Mac). Either of the two should be able to do what you’re asking.
These are applications that allow you to create global or application specific macros and tie them to a keyboard shortcut. (AHK is capable of a lot more, but this is kinda the core function.)
I have used AutoHotKey a lot for about 6 years and am almost dependent on it now. It’s fantastic.

I don’t know, but I’ll find out. Give me a couple days. I have never attempted multiple selections. By multiple selections you mean parts correct?

I just checked. I tested using audio tracks. As long as the multiple parts are on the same track, and you focus each part, yes. But if you focused multiple tracks, no. I wasn’t clear as to what you meant by “selections.” Hope that helps.

I use the following AutoHotkey v2 script that I made to close the ‘replace events’ window. I set a key command for Bounce Selection to Ctrl+B as a pre-requisite.

#HotIf WinActive("ahk_exe Cubase13.exe")

; Auto Press Enter for Bounce Selection Dialog Window
^b::{               ; {^} is interpreted as Ctrl
    Send "^b"
    Sleep 60 		; Needed to reduce race-condition where Enter is pressed before dialog window appears.
    Send "{Enter}"

I still really want this option available in Cubase!