Option To Disable Ruler Top Half 'Loop'

I dunno when that showed up, but the thing where the top half ‘band’ of the Ruler changes from grey to purple when it’s in ‘loop’ mode drives me nuts. I wish I could disable it. I’m always accidentally enabling Loop… a feature I almost never use.

So simply adjust the ruler colors so they are the same.

But the top half activates the -loop- so just changing the colour would make things even more confusing. I want to be able do disable the behaviour, not just match colours.

Oh, now I understand. You mean how it’s enabled, not the fact of the color changing.

It’s just another of these ‘hidden’ functions that I -loathe-. And since that ribbon is so narrow, I’m constantly accidentally activating the ‘loop’… again, which I almost never use.

The ONLY thing I use the Ruler for is expanding/contracting. So I need it to be as wide as a Georgia mile.

+1, but it should be configurable. I use the ribbon for both setting the position and drawing a new loop range, but I wouldn’t mind if I had to hold down a modifier key for the latter. Accidentally changing the loop when I just wanted to set the caret happens to me to, and can be very annoying.

I notice that I’m not the only one…


Hi all

Yes a definite +1 on this, I keep turning the damn loop on by accident!

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I fully understand. This falls into the category of the many things we don’t like about Cubase 8.5. Most of us here use keyboard shortcuts for most things but now they (Steinberg) are trying to design it for stupid people who don’t use keyboard shortcuts. The change in color is good but the activation of the loop from clicking there is a problem for some as are the other clicks they added on the sides. Honestly I think version 8 is better.



I agree this feature is annoying but I have a work-a-round that may help some users.

I have added a ruler track and placed it right below the default ruler. I use this to locate and zoom. This takes up very little real estate and helps me to avoid activating/de-activating the loop on the default ruler.

I realize this is not a permanent solution to the issue, but I hope it helps.

Thanks! Your tip really works.

You’re welcome. I’m glad it helped.

Seriously…do the people who program this stuff actually use the program on any regular basis to create a musical work longer than…say…four bars? I thought those horrendous border pop-ups were bad enough…but this? This constantly asserts itself every time I need to locate something from the timeline.

This is a feature that was obviously untested in real-world use. Sometimes, Steinberg, you just have to admit it when an idea sux and either lose it or fix it. In any event, activating it needs to be moved out of the timeline itself. Nut up and make the change, boys.

As much as I agree with the premise of your rant, they actually -do- make changes after the villagers come out with their torches and pitchforks. Unfortunately, that happens far too infrequently, and thus the pace of change in SB land is, IMO -glacial-.

What -really- kills me is that, when you compare the SB release rate to their fellow Northern European brethren, they actually look -great-. So a certain percentage of users will always feel, “Wunderbra! We’re Really Responsive!” It’s all about one’s perspective I guess. But to -me- the pace of updates… especially on super-annoying ones that I -know- are easy to fix… is somewhere between slower and slowest.

I can only say to everyone… COMPLAIN. LOUDLY. It’s the only thing that works with SB because although I know they are sincere, they have a high rate of not getting things right first time out the gate.

This ruler design and border pop-ups are two main things (there are some minor, too) that irritate me so much that I’m seriously considering moving to a different DAW after ten years of everyday Cubase using. Oh, and the new tempo and bar size behavior (see my topic: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=226&t=90740). Despite amazing drum editing algorythm and lots of other things I love about Cubase. Somehow one good feature always comes with few minor but very distracting and depressing, LAZY issues. We’re more beta-testers then users now.

+1 Very Annoying. I also wish the left and right starting/ending points wouldn’t move unless holding CTRL for the left marker and ALT for the right market like they did in Nuendo 1, lol… but maybe that’s wishing for too much. I’m constantly messing the songs up looping things are accidents and moving the start/end points. I hate getting the call from the clients on their way home saying, “Hey, the beginning of my song is cut off and the song has a minute of silence at the end.”

I really really really really REALLY hate this thing. I need to downgrade to earlier version because of this. It’s so annoying