Option to expand the left-hand column of the editing window

I don’t know if I’m missing an option (I don’t think so), but it would be nice to be able to widen the left-hand column of the editing window to see the longest track names. We can strive for shorter or abbreviated names, but the freedom to expand that column would be welcome.


This would be a positive development, along with more ways to edit data as a list, from both the inspector and other windows, e.g., there is currently no List Editor for the tempo map (notwithstanding Bezier editing).

Totally agree. This is one of the little annoyances that would make the workflow much easier.


We’ve got a bit of that under what’s known in French as l’explorateur, if I understand what you mean. But they’re not editable lists. As for Tempo, you’re right.

P.S. I also think an interesting feature would be to be able to get the colors of tracks and directories in this list, just for better visual orientation. At a certain point, with hundreds of tracks, you get lost. I also wonder whether this or another list might not be a solution for track management. Not only are the tracks indeplaceable in the Mixconsole, which is annoying enough, because the order of the tracks should be done there, in my opinion, but you absolutely have to make the tracks appear in the editing window to move them, which is limiting. We sometimes have tracks that are active but hidden, or entire directories, groups, FX, that we’d like to move. So the list we’re thinking of should be able to include this function for moving or reordering tracks at will. In short, this important part needs to be improved.

Track re-ordering needs to be implemented, in both the MixConsole and project windows, as well as for VST Instruments.

Over time, tracks can become disordered, i.e., when navigating the tracklist in the project window, sometimes some tracks are skipped, this to me shows there is more work that could be done here.

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I hadn’t remembered this, but the left-hand column of the Mixconsole, as far as it’s concerned, gets a bit wider. It shouldn’t be difficult to do the same in the edit window. But, well, we’re asking for more than that, as written above.

I really hope this problem will be corrected in the next version. It’s really hard to work with slightly longer names. I’m in a complex session where it’s more comfortable to use full names and Nuendo doesn’t allow enough width in the editing window. Disgraceful.


It would be great, if something could be done here to overhaul the entire situation.

For example, tempo events aren’t highlighted, when clicking on a tempo node on the Tempo Track in the project page.


The left-hand zone width can be adjusted in Cubase 13 and Nuendo 13, so your feature request has been fulfilled by Steinberg :wink:

I know. My post is from October 23. That said, I won’t go to 13 until the interface is fixed. I’m unable to look at it. This column problem is a bug should be fixed even in N12 with a patch, and without paying a penny. But I have no such hope. So I’m working in conjunction with the Mixconsole to see where I stand.